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11in1 Fahrrad Werkzeug

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Schaufel Freien

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Kit Ausbeulen Ohne Reparatur

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iring from Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan...." /><"" />

Did you two leave because you discovered Mikasa was pregnant?


“No, that was long before we were even a thing. We left for different reasons in different times. When Levi came to Hizuru he had to learn all there was to know about the clan for him to stay. Like some sort of text….

I helped him like I helped Armin and the rest. But with him something just —-clicked between us. And before we knew it, we became something serious”



Mikasa (Or at least Ishikawa Yui) did the courtroom pose next to Levi

(She’s with Petra’s seiyuu in the first photo)


“I had a moment like that too” 

Was it hard? Leaving all behind, I mean.


“There wasn’t much to leave behind after all. Mikasa left first to Hizuru after Eren passed away. She wanted to learn all she could about her clan and keep her mind busy. As for me, Paradis became a place that was constantly hunting me. We received a letter from a few years after war ended. It was Mikasa inviting us all to go where she was. I accepted.”  


Rivamika prompt: I'd like to see some Jealous!Levi/Mikasa - just indirectly showing who the other one belongs to...


Hello there! Thank you for your prompt - I’m only just starting to answer these, so here is drabble number one!


The Scouting Legion one by one trickled into the mess hall, some shielding their eyes from the rising sunlight filtering through the open windows. Mikasa sat by an open window with Armin, the morning breeze gently brushing the strands of hair off her face, the glow from the sun tinting her cheeks a rosy pink…

Levi couldn’t help but notice her from the other side of the room. After a moment of staring, he grew nervous and looked away, busying himself with his tea once more. He tried to tune in to the conversation Hanji was having with herself, but his mind and his eyes couldn’t help but wander.

Mikasa was resting her jaw on her hand, gazing out to the line of trees beyond the window. He wondered what she was thinking…

‘Levi?’ Hanji leaned in close, scrutinising him as his eyes jolted back towards her.


‘Were you listening to anything I said?’ Hanji pouted.

Levi sighed, ‘Of course not, my tea hasn’t kicked in yet.’

Hanji snuck a glance towards the window, and leaned back with a smirk.

Levi noticed, and glowered, ‘What’s so funny?’

‘Nothing.’ Hanji shrugged. She waited until he started sipping his tea, ‘Beautiful morning, eh?’

Levi frowned into his cup, and murmered some bitter agreement.

‘Morning,’ Armin and Mikasa greeted as Eren and Jean approached their table.

‘That it is,’ Eren huffed as he collapsed onto the seat next to Mikasa. Jean sat across from him, stifling a yawn before folding his arms on top of the table.

‘Were you two training this morning?’ Mikasa asked.

‘Yes, and I’m starving!’ Eren threw his head back dramatically. He stood up again, ‘Who wants food?’

‘We’ve already eaten,’ Mikasa said, reaching for her cup.

‘I’ll take some more tea though,’ Armin stood up across from her, ‘Jean? You had breakfast?’

‘Yeah, I ate earlier,’ he sighed.

Mikasa watched as Eren and Armin left, before looking back to Jean. He was staring at his hands.

‘Everything okay?’

‘Hm?’ Jean looked up, surprised, an ever so slight blush rising in his cheeks. He stared for a moment, silently appreciating the sunlit shimmer in her hair. ‘Yeah, I’m just tired,’ he smiled at her and leaned back in his seat until it tilted, ‘What about you? You look half-asleep.’

Mikasa gave a small smile, running her hand through her hair, ‘When do I not.’

Jean chuckled, ‘Nah, you look better than the rest of us.’ He blushed a little then, and looked at Mikasa out the corner of his eye. Her smile didn’t go away. Jean opened his mouth to try his luck a little more, when a heavy hand on his shoulder threw his balance – with a small yell he clutched at the table, the chair squeaking against the floor. He looked up to see Levi standing behind him.

‘Jean.’ Levi was quite intimidating when he looked down on you, Jean thought. ‘You’re on stable duty today.’

‘W-what? Captain, I was on duty yesterday, I’m meant to be on gear maintenance today. With Mikasa.’

‘Well, Jean, the horses need to be feed every day, not just when you feel like it. Connie’s in bed sick this morning, so you have to cover. Don’t complain.’

Levi turned to walk away, but Jean piped up again, ‘Captain, I can’t leave Mikasa to clean the gear by herself.’

Levi considered this for a moment, glancing at Mikasa and glancing away as he saw her watching him. He rolled his eyes, ‘I’ll help her. No doubt it’ll get done quicker that way anyway.’ He turned to leave again, calling over his shoulder, ‘Mikasa, be ready in an hour.’

‘Yes sir,’ her heard her say.



“hey… don’t move. just watch.”


Attack on titan junior high - RIvamika fanart 


original by  judithvalensi #



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“ No one would dare wake her up, but he watches over her anyway.
First fanart ever posted here, i’m a little nervous- But I hope to make more !
Don’t remove the signature or repost, thanks.


No one would dare wake her up, but he watches over her anyway.

First fanart ever posted here, i’m a little nervous- But I hope to make more !

Don’t remove the signature or repost, thanks.